Friday, April 17, 2015


Robotics for School Students: ROBOTICS SUMMER CAMP TRAINING FOR STUDENTS: Make Your Own Robot!!!  (6yrs. to 22yrs.) IndiaFIRST™ Robotics Academy is offering exciting courses on Robotics during this summer va...


Make Your Own Robot!!! 
(6yrs. to 22yrs.)

IndiaFIRST™ Robotics Academy is offering exciting courses on Robotics during this summer vacations for children in the age group of 6yrs. to 22yrs. These courses help bring out creativity and innovative thinking amongst the children.

IndiaFIRST™ Robotics is the most successful and fastest growing robotics training and manufacturing company in India with more than 56 centers across the country. Current Prime Minister and the then Chief Minister of Gujarat Shri Narendra Modi and his cabinet colleague Education Minister Shri Ramanlal Vora had personally appreciated the efforts taken by our team in the State of Gujarat during the year 2011.

IndiaFIRST™ Robotics has also collaborated with the Department of Electronics and Science, Savitribai Phule Pune University for spreading the knowledge on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and robotics concepts amongst the students.

IndiaFIRST™ Robotics courses are carefully designed to suit the needs of students of all age groups. Students have been divided in different age groups and taught separately as per their ages.

Enjoy the summer camp and create your own design! 
Do you have it in You??
Understand the PCB making art and mount the electronics components yourself to make your own Robot!
Here's the chance to become a Champion is true sense! Come and join the IndiaFIRST™ Robotics summer camp and show your talent! Your talent will be rewarded here! Make your own Robotics design!
Challenge your imagination and bring out the most exciting design to help and assist your Mom or Pop! Play with Gears, Grippers, motors, sensors and wireless technology. Make your own design to become a Jr. Robotics Engineer!!!

Your imagination is the limit!

Saturday, January 10, 2015


NASA has been organising Camps for students across the world to understand the basic nuances of STEM, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics,IndiaFIRST™ Robotics has decided to team up with their associates in USA and offer such tour packages for their students to participate in these camps which helps them to excel in their career. At the same time, IndiaFIRST™ Robotics students can understand how the world's most powerful nation, United States of America, works and the culture in the country. It will help them to understand the culture and communications of the world's most advanced nation. Such interactions are necessary when we want our children to become citizen of the world.

Many a times, we think of sending our children abroad for their higher education or for making a living. While doing so, it would be great thing to send them on such tours where they would get a chance to interact with the citizen's on their own and build their confidence. Its all about giving them the exposure to help them excel.

Today. these children having being born on the internet era have a similar mindset which might get blocked or suppressed due to the parent's understanding of things. Let's not burden them with our ideologies or thinking and make them more independent to develop their own ideologies which tends to be more open and inviting than that of ours.

The NASA tour that we have arranged consists of 3 Days Camp in NASA for Robotics. Several activities are conducted by NASA with these young minds which might ignite them with some ideas and thinking patterns. At the end of the 3 Days Robotics Camp at NASA, these children shall receive a certification from NASA for course completion. Besides NASA Robotics Camp, we have planned several endeavors with these guys to give them a chance to enjoy America. They shall be visiting New York City, Florida Mall for Shopping, Hershey's Chocolate World, Disney Adventure World, Statue of Liberty, Niagara Falls, Magic Kingdom. Universal Studios, Washington DC City Tour and many more.

IndiaFIRST™ Robotics is committed to provide them with an experience of life time with utmost care taken by our accompanying Tour Managers. Every Child will be looked after as if our own children are travelling.

Tour cost is only Rs. 2,49,000/- which includes everything right from International Airfare, Hotel room charges, breakfast, lunch, dinner, all entry fees, NASA Robotics Camp Fees, local travelling, Airfare from Orlando to New York, etc. 

We look forward to receiving your calls for providing more details.

Oh yess...I forgot mention that every child on board to this trip shall also receive a CHAMPION Robotics Kit worth Rs. 18,750/- Absolutely FREE. This means that the child after coming from NASA can utilise the knowledge from the Robotics Camp and make his/her own designs of Robots and automated machine to creatively and innovatively make good use of the knowledge received for their future career. 

We believe in giving the most for children and thats what we do BEST!!!

So let's make the most of this opportunity and give the best to our children.


Vinay Kunwar
IndiaFIRST™ Robotics
Mobile: +91 9822058338


Wednesday, November 12, 2014


IndiaFIRST™ NATIONAL ROBOTICS CHALLENGE (IRC) has been announced. IRC will be conducted on Sunday, 15th February, 2015. Block your dates for the competition. Its going to be an exciting tournament with more than 50 nos. of School Teams participating in the competition.

In a very unique model, One Team is comprising of 10 nos. of students. These students will anoint a CEO, CFO and CTO among themselves. The rest of the team members will be responsible for fund raising and operational progress.

These students will be trained by Mentors. Each team can have maximum 2 nos. of mentors. Parents, Teachers, Engineering Students, or anyone with an eye on Engineering and keen to transfer the knowledge to students can be become a mentor. Needless to say that the Mentor will have to spend time during his/her spare time to train these students.It will be the responsibility of the Mentor to train the students in Electronics, Electrical, Mechanical and IT Programming. Ofcourse, the Mentor shall receive FREE training
from IRC for 4 days on the above Robotics concepts as well as assembly of the Robot using sensors, gears, grippers, micro controller and even the programming of the Robot.

Last date for registration of Team is 25th November 2014.

Training of the mentors will start from 1st December 2014.


Students and the Mentors shall get about 2 months for training and strategising for the competition. Competition shall be played in Alliance format. Alliance of 2 teams shall compete with the Alliance of other 2 Teams. Alliance partners shall be announced at the time of competition. Hence, they will get only about 10 minutes to know each other and discuss technical as well as field strategy.

Our last competition which was held in Pune at the Balewadi Stadium received unprecedented support and response from Academia, Industry as well Students, Parents and Schools.

For more details on the competition, please log on to

You may also reach us on 020-25650404/02/07/09 or call us on 9822058338