Tuesday, March 18, 2014

How to make a robot?

Everyone is thrilled at the prospect of making a robot. It is very important to understand what goes in the making of a robot. One must understand the basics of Electronics, Mechanical, IT Programming and Electrical. Just to elaborate each of the engineering functions for the sake of clarity, I am listing below the details:
Electronics: This is the hardware part of the robot which is used for controlling the robot through programming. It consists of Micro Controller board, Micro Processor, Sensors, Wireless equipment of IR, RF and Bluetooth, Controllers, etc.
Mechanical: The body of the robot is very important and it is designed based on the application. Designing the body and shape of the robot is amongst the first task the robot builder has understand. Body Parts, Screws, Nuts, Bolts, Gears, Grippers, Scissor Lift, Fork Lift are very important mechanical parts one must understand.
IT Programming: This one of the most crucial part of robotics or automation. Once must have good command over programming the Robot. Programming is done in various languages. The young starters can even start programming through popular graphical user interface languages such as Scratch or WildFIRE UI. For advance users, Arduino is very popular. Its an open source programming language used in automation industry.
Electrical: Such is the power of electrical component that your robot wont start without them. Battery, Switches, Connectors, Wires would come within the electrical ambit.

The picture above shows you the different parts used in making Robot on academic scale.

Now that we know the basics of robotics, understand the application for which the robot will be used. Plan the design of the robot using a CAD/CAM software. Creo 2.0 is one the best designing software which allows you to design each part seperately and assemble them as per your application within the software. Hence, you don't need to actually make the assembly by hand before your prototype design is not finalised. This helps you to save your time and also allows you to try out a number designs.

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